Campaign for Alternative Power Exhibition was borne out of the necessity for the improvement of power supply to homes and industries because power (electricity) is paramount to the growth in GDP and socio-economic development. However, the epileptic power output in Nigeria has forced many businesses to either collapse/relocate or produce below capacity, thereby affecting the nation's growth and development. The Alternative Power Exhibition is therefore a means to resolve this problem. It is a forum where manufacturers, consumer and other stakeholders meet periodically to consider different options of alternative sources of power. However, bearing in mind the high risk of climate change, there is also a greater need for environment-friendly power sources for everybody. The goal of the exhibition is to rejuvenate the power sector for our well-being.

To showcase other means of power generation for development For individual empowerment To proffer viable options for businesses, homes and other power needs To contribution to national growth and development.

The exhibition will bring forth the opportunity to buy and sell as well as create platform for the introduction of new and existing products in the alternative power sector. It will help to make an informed decision on the type of alternative power to choose from and test new products. In addition, it will create an environment to pronounce modifications to generation and usage of power.

This initiative was born out of the necessity to bring greater awareness to the populace about alternative source of power. At the last edition of the exhibition in July 2014 , consumers explored different power need and how to develop solutions to power problems. The stakeholders in solar products, inverters, batteries, wind energy and complete power solution as well as low energy bulbs/lighting were in attendance to exhibit and educate visitors at the fair ground. Across Europe and America even South-Africa, there is greater acceptability of Alternative power since they know the benefits derivable. This forum seeks to help Nigerians understand why they must be part of the movement on how to choose good power today while thinking about tomorrow.


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